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SignMeUp  -  Invotech's Powerful Online Booking system
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Key Features in Version 2.0

For your Members

  • Quickly make an online booking
  • Confirmation email sent for every booking
  • Bookings can be changed or cancelled
  • Queues for the gym, pool, etc are reduced
  • Accessible on mobile phones, tablet or computers
  • Each booking can cater for up to 5 people
  • Emails include handy links so the member can change or delete the booking
  • Members can easily view the number of slots available in each time


  • Up to 200 members - €50 per month (2 facilities)
  • 200 to 3,000 members - €70 per month (2 facilities)
  • 3,000+ members - please contact us for details
  • Each additional facility costs €10 per month extra

Watch a short video introduction

For your Staff

  • Bookings
    • Enter bookings received by phone, email, etc
    • Block-book time slots
    • Book time slots for more than 4 people
    • Add notes to bookings
    • Set the 'arrival status' of each booking to easily see availability and cancel no-shows
    • List of future bookings can be exported and printed
  • Members
    • Print member lists
    • Admin dashboard shows who is booked in
    • Cancel member bookings and send confirmation email
    • Easily de-activate members
  • Facility
    • View Capacity Percentage of your facility on a daily basis
    • Easily view the number of slots available in each time segment 
    • Include a link to your facility's General T&Cs and can ensure members confirm when booking
  • Setup
    • Supports multiple facilities e.g. gym, pool, weights room, others
    • Staff can control
      • how many members can book into each time slot
      • the number many days in advance a booking can be made 
      • how many bookings per day a member is allowed to make
      • maximum number of people a member can include when making a booking
    • Configure opening hours and duration of time slots
  • Covid19
    • Add a link to your facility's Covid T&Cs and ensure members confirm when booking