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My file will not upload to the bank.

If this happens, you should review all the information included in the file.

Files fail on upload if -

  • Your Creditor Identifier or OIN is incorrect
  • There’s an invalid BIC included within the file
  • If the IBAN is incorrect included within the file
  • If any BIC or IBAN is in lowercase
When must I send my SEPA bank file?

Your SEPA bank transfer must be sent at least six days working days before your desired payment date.

 Do I need to put in the Client Account Name?

Yes this is now a necessity when adding a member to the Direct Debit payment method.

The Client Account Name can only contain the following characters:

1. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

2. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

3. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

4. Spaces

Are there any guidelines for IBANS?

As time goes on you may begin to notice that IBANs all carry the same format.

The format is:

                             Two letters, in Ireland they are an “I”, and an “E”.

                             Two numbers.

                             Four letters to identify the bank.

                             The sort code.

                             The account number.

Here is an example of an IBAN - IE 93 BOFI 932523 12345678

Are there any guidelines on a BIC?

Yes. As time goes on you will get used to different BIC’s. All banks only have one identifier each. For example. If you have members on A.I.B.., they will always have a BIC of “AIBKIE2D”.

Other BIC Examples

Bank or Ireland                  BOFIIE2D

Ulster Bank                         ULSBIE2D

Permanent TSB                  IPBSIE2D

Danske Bank                       DABAIE2D

What can I do if I can’t generate a member’s BIC or IBAN?

If you are unable to get a member’s BIC and IBAN but have their old bank account and sort code, please visit

 What is a Unique Mandate Reference (UMR) number?

Every member will now have to be given a UMR number when joining. As well as on our system you will keep this on their signed SEPA mandate.

 Our software sets the UMR numbers to the MemberCode + Surname (first 10 characters) + Club Name (first 10 characters)

Example: 100001oneillfitclub

 As Ulster Bank do not allow spaces in the UMR, to keep uniformity and in case you change banks we recommend that everyone has no spaces in the UMR.

When should I give an existing member a new UMR number?

 A new UMR number only needs to be given to a member if they have switched bank, branch within a bank, or if they haven’t been a member with your club in over 3 years.

 If you are giving a new UMR number we recommend all you do it add “01”, or “02” to their existing UMR.

What are FRST and RCUR Transaction Codes?

Each member needs to be set to a transaction code of either FRST or RCUR. Like the old Direct Debit system with its Bank TX Codes, “FRST” is the equivalent of “01”, and “RCUR” is the equivalent of “17”.

Members on a “FRST” transaction code are members who are having their first Direct Debit payment taken by your club, this will be automatically set by the system. Members who need a new Unique Mandate Reference (UMR) number will also need to be set to a transaction code of FRST, this will need to be manually managed.

Members on a “RCUR” transaction code, are members who are on their second, or thereafter, Direct Debit payment.

For your first SEPA DD run all your members will be set to a FRST status as it’s everyone first SEPA Direct Debit payment.

Specific Key Requirements by Banks

Ulster Bank

1. No spaces are allowed in the member’s Unique Mandate Reference, (UMR) with Ulster Bank

2. The file will fail on submission through their portal if

  • There’s an invalid BIC
  • If the IBAN is incorrect
  • If the BIC or IBAN is in lowercase

Bank of Ireland

The following rules apply to the file name:

1. The file name must contain the following reference ‘PAIN008’. This may appear at the beginning or within the filename.

2. The file extension must be ‘.xml’, i.e. PAIN008.xml

3. Filename must not exceed 50 characters.

4. Only alphanumeric characters must be used in the filename (preceding the file extension ‘.xml’).

5. Filename must contain no spaces

Example: BANKPAIN008.xml