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Manager logoManager is our entry-level solution, which is ideal for small clubs, personal trainers, studios and dry gyms. A low cost solution, Manager allows you to manage member data, membership options, check members into your facility and finally run basic income reports and track usage via head count reports. As a web-based solution you can avoid costly hardware and instead run this off a basic desktop, a laptop, a tablet or even an iPhone. This means you can check on your business no matter where you are and keep an eye on progress and income.

Grows With Your Business:Invotech Manager

Manager is ideal for start-up businesses as you can expand it in line with your membership growth. There are optional add-ons including a POS module for retail items and also a texting module to communicate more efficiently with members. These can be added at any stage by a simple phone call to our sales team.

No More Backup Worries:

Perhaps the most favoured feature is the remote storage of your database. As it is a hosted solution your database is stored in a secure vaulted environment. This means no more backup worries and no fear of losing data if your hardware fails. The data center facility is state of the art with around the clock security making sure that all servers and critical data are stored and secured.

Rental Agreement Means Flexible Payment

The cost of software provides a barrier to many small businesses initially. With this in mind we have developed a rental license for Manager. After a small upfront fee to cover training and installation requirements clients pay a rental fee on a monthly basis. This fee includes access to the software, the secure storage of your data and finally access to the support desk in Dublin from Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. Starting from as little as €49 a month, this fee grows with your business whereby you only pay more when your membership base, thus your database size, increases.


If you have a membership management requirement and a small budget then this is the product for you.